The Bowie Unified School District, which serves about 70 students from the Bowie and Willcox communities in southeastern Arizona, is looking to use the $550,000 it receives to replace its current school which is nearing the end of its life and has been breaking down leading to interruptions in transportation services and costing the district thousands in repairs.  

That vehicle will be replaced with a new electric bus that will be equipped with Wi-Fi, a commodity that’s not easily accessible in rural areas, said Superintendent Dan Erickson.  

“We are hoping that the bus ride home will be at least an hour a day where if they have homework that they need to get into their Google classroom or something that they want to log in on the internet that’s an opportunity for them to do that back and forth from school," he said. 

In addition, Erickson said having an electric school bus will save the district money on gas in the long run.

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