Our Schools

Our schools are staffed with highly qualified faculty and dedicated staff members who are fully invested in every student’s success. Whether they’re engaging the students in stimulating discussions, leading hands-on projects, mentoring, or involving students in other interesting activities and academic opportunities, our teachers and staff give 100% in everything they do. Read these pages to learn more about school life in Bowie and to find out how you can help support these amazing kids.

Bowie Unified School District consists of three excellent schools that serve prekindergarten through twelfth graders. 

Bowie Elementary School

The Bowie Elementary School faculty and staff take great care in providing curriculum and activities that promote student development and learning. We believe in providing a safe, supportive learning environment to help each child succeed. The small class sizes promote individualized instruction and attention to each student. In addition, we equip each class with technology to promote digital learning.

Bowie High School

At Bowie High School, we are committed to academic excellence and student development. We employ hard working teachers and staff who strive to provide the best education possible for our students. We take pride in the achievements of our talented students. 

Bowie High School has had continual graduating classes since 1923 and currently numbers about 35 students. We operate a high school schedule of classes that will qualify a student for Arizona Board of Regents acceptance into the university system in Arizona—or any other public secondary school.

Per Bowie USD 14 board policy IKF, we currently require 22 credits for graduation, and we rotate classes and electives. Our classes include Vocational Agriculture, and we also own a 20-acre farm.