Business Department

Our Business Department strives to maintain accurate financial management for all district, state, and federal requirements. We work hard to provide accurate financial information to our administrators, the governing board, and the community. We also work to assure that we utilize all financial assets in a fiscally responsible manner.

Please direct any questions for our Business Department to:

William Benning, Business Manager

Vendors, please feel free to download a copy of our Vendor Registration Form for your use.

School Finance

We have posted the final 2020 BUDG25 reports. 
Published: July 6, 2020

We base the report on the APOR 55-1 with the apportionment date of June 30, 2020, and any corrected budgets that successfully processed on or before July 2. We will reflect any impact from the statewide recalculation on the 2020 BUDG75 published in late October/early November.

Please view the budget report here and select a district. Please email the budget team with any budget-related questions or concerns. 

State Reports

Facility Usage

Open Bids

If interested in the request for quotations, appointments need to be made to visit the school. No walk-ins. Contact David Conger via email or phone at (520) 405-1135.

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