Our Staff

We have an extremely dedicated staff here at Bowie Unified School District. These talented, highly qualified staff members work tirelessly to provide students with the quality education they deserve. We invite you to meet the people who make Bowie Unified a great place to go to school.

Please feel free to call our office at (520) 847-2545 with any questions or concerns. To reach out to a staff member directly, please use the extensions provided below.


Daniel Erickson
Ext: 2700
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Caila Block
Kindergarten Teacher
Ext: 2717 RM 26
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Andrew Brown
Exceptional Education Teacher, Grades K-12
Ext: 2708 RM 203
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Maria Christina Dela Cruz
3rd–5th Grades
Ext: 2712 RM 20
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Sonia Dionisio Canilao
1st–2nd Grades
Ext: 2713 RM 21
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Rachel Garza
HS Facilitator
Ext: 2707 RM 201
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Marsha Gepiga
Middle School Teacher
Ext: 2715 RM 204
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Kelly Zamudio
Ext: 2719 RM 301
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Support Staff

Mr. William Benning
Business Manager
Ext: 2701
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Christianna Boxx
District Secretary
Ext: 2702
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Alan De La Cruz
Ext: 2711
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Bill Lamb
Lead Maintenance
Ext: 2711
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Maribel Luna
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Mike Wilson
IT Director
Ext: 2703
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Gracie Madrid
Ext: 2717
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Carla Ruiz-Lopez
K–2nd Paraprofessional
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Irma Vasquez
Ext: 2710
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